Personal training for women
in south west London, Surrey, Bucks, Oxfordshire

If you’re training for an event, want to lose weight, returning to exercise, recovering from an injury or just want to get fitter, one- to-one personal training is a fast-track superhighway to achieving your goals.

Big, sweaty gyms are all very well if you’re an advanced fitness fanatic and you know what you’re doing. But let’s face it, for an average person, the gym can be a boring and lonely place to be. A personal exercise programme with a qualified personal trainer will keep you motivated, interested and focused on your goals.

With The Amazons Bootcamp personal training classes for women, you’ll enjoy a variety of goal-driven cardio and strength-building exercise. These include non-contact boxing and kicking with pads and boxing gloves, as well as circuit training with sand bags, slam balls, Russian heavy bags and much more.

And with our unique exercising programme focusing on ‘after burn’ (or Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption to give it it’s technical term) you’ll be burning calories during and after exercising for up to 48 hours. It’s the best way to get in shape, stay in shape and get rid of stubborn fat on legs, bums and tums once and for all.

Did we say it was easy? It’s not. But our training classes are fun. And you’ll get fitter and stronger faster.

Where do we train?

The Amazons Bootcamp offers ladies personal training sessions throughout south west London, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. And what’s more we can train anywhere you like: your home, your back garden or your local park.

Array ( [address] => Thames Ditton, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.389686 [lng] => -0.33918900000003305 )

Thames Ditton, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Weybridge, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.3716269 [lng] => -0.457903999999985 )

Weybridge, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Guildford, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.23622 [lng] => -0.5704090000000406 )

Guildford, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Esher, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.369487 [lng] => -0.36592700000005607 )

Esher, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Staines, Staines-upon-Thames, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.43245 [lng] => -0.5031400000000303 )

Staines, Staines-upon-Thames, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Woking, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.316774 [lng] => -0.5600349000000051 )

Woking, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Chertsey, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.386491 [lng] => -0.5094560000000001 )

Chertsey, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Kingston, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.41275 [lng] => -0.30114000000003216 )

Kingston, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => London, Richmond, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.46131099999999 [lng] => -0.3037420000000566 )

London, Richmond, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Wimbledon, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.41833889999999 [lng] => -0.22062879999998586 )

Wimbledon, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Putney, London, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.4605741 [lng] => -0.21718009999995047 )

Putney, London, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Barnes, London, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.47526509999999 [lng] => -0.23930329999996047 )

Barnes, London, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.45755 [lng] => -0.20600100000001476 )

Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Chiswick, London, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.4876272 [lng] => -0.267173200000002 )

Chiswick, London, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Kew, London, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.485018 [lng] => -0.17732599999999366 )

Kew, London, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => East Sheen, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.462851 [lng] => -0.26788299999998344 )

East Sheen, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Ealing, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.5132954 [lng] => -0.3043314999999893 )

Ealing, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Windsor, london [lat] => 51.49787689999999 [lng] => -0.13518850000002658 )

Windsor, london

Array ( [address] => Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.4542645 [lng] => -0.9781302999999753 )

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.41375 [lng] => -0.750660000000039 )

Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Maidenhead, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.522414 [lng] => -0.7219000000000051 )

Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Wokingham, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.410457 [lng] => -0.8338610000000699 )

Wokingham, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.602396 [lng] => -0.6442408999999998 )

Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.6755179 [lng] => -0.6072409999999309 )

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Array ( [address] => High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom [lat] => 51.628611 [lng] => -0.7482290000000376 )

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Why choose The Amazons Bootcamp


Goals Oriented

Lose weight? Be healthier? Train for an event? Whatever your fitness goals, Ana and her team can help you reach them quickly and safely.


Expert Trainer

Ana and her team are highly qualified personal trainers who can advise on everything from marathon training and weight loss programmes to ante and post natal exercise.


Fun Sessions

She may be tough but Ana makes sure sessions are fun too with a mix of cardio work and strength training - plus a whole lot of (non shouty) encouragement.

Personal training for women in south west London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire:

Personal training in Oxfordshire: Thame

Personal training in Surrey: Thames Ditton, Weybridge, Guilford, Esher, Staines, Woking, Chertsey

Personal training in South west London: Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon, Putney, Barnes, Wandsworth, Chiswick, Kew, East Sheen, Ealing

Personal training in Berkshire: Windsor, Reading, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Wokingham

Personal training in Buckinghamshire: Princes Risborough, Beaconsfield, Amersham, Marlow High Wycombe, Hazlemere, Chesham